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Product Design

With BootySprout, we set out to create a highly effective, easy to use fitness machine that also achieved a beautiful aesthetic and an affordable price. 

BootySprout is designed with several goals in mind: 

Effectiveness: To effectively work out your glutes, very high resistance is required. BootySprout comes with 60 kgs of resistance, and we sell extra 30 kg bands. BootySprout is safe up to 180 kgs of resistance!

Ease of Use: Barbell weighted hip thrusts require significant setup time, both before and between sets. A BootySprout workout takes 10-15 minutes. Simply open, strap in, and thrust!

Collapsible: BootySprout can fit into even the tiniest of apartments! It weighs 12 kgs and easily folds up to 70 cm x 60 cm x 15 cm. It can be stored flat under most beds or stood up in the closet.

Safety: Significant weight is required to effectively grow and tone the glutes. Moving around 40+ kgs at a gym is difficult to manage, and placing heavy dumbbells on your lap is dangerous.

Resistance bands are a much safer method to hip thrust with high weight. 

Our high resistance bands easily clip in to BootySprout, and they are covered in nylon for extra safety! 

Affordability: We wanted to make BootySprout available to everyone, and our goal was to achieve a price under 200 Euro. 

Fun: An added benefit of BootySprout, and hip thrusts in general, is that they are FUN. The motion is easy to perform, and you will continually find yourself wanting to get in a couple more sets...just like we did!

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BootySprout comes with:

  • 1 machine with high-density NBR foam
  • 3 resistance bands ~(20-60 kgs)
  • 1 neoprene sleeve

No assembly required.

Additional features:

  • BootySprout has 8 non-marking industrial strength rubber foot pads to ensure your floors are safe.